Town Jastrebarsko today

Old and noble estates of city Jastrebarsko welcome the guest with the beauty of its white and vivid tradicional costumes, its baroque churches, tasty bite and famous good drop of wine. First trademark of Jastrebarsko is proud hawk, but second trademark is definitely green vine leaf, which has been here for hundreds of years, growing with sunny hillsides of Plešivica "beautiful curly blonde girls, whose head rests in the stone wing of Okić" (Vlado Vlaisavljević).


Nearness of Zagreb and pure nature

With its 58 smaller and bigger settlements, Jastrebarsko is around 30 kilometers southwest from Zagreb, and has 15866 residents on the 229 square kilometers. Development is based on pure nature, production of healthy food and excelent wines, crafts and small bussiness, and most of all on tourism and arrivals of gourmets, hikers, hunters and fishermans. 


A wealth of cultural monuments

The most important cultural monuments in Jastrebarsko are Erdody castle, Franciscan Monastery with St. Mary's Church and St. Nicholas's Church. City Museum and Gallery, placed in an old City Hall, built in 1826, are distinctively the mirror of culture and history of city and its surroundings. Cultural and historical monuments of Jastrebarsko are St. Peter's Church in Petrovina, Chapel of Snowy Mary in Volavje, Castle Oršić and St. Antun Hermit's Church in Slavetić, St. Anne's Church in Gorica, St. George's Church and Chapel of St. Franjo Ksaver in Plešivica, St. John the Baptist's Church in Gornji Desinec, St. Paul's Chapel in Palovčani and St. Catherine's gilded Altar in Domagović. Attractive picnic areas are Mladina, with famous Counts Erdody cellar from 1730 and famous Motocross road, the oldest sledding trail in Plešivica and favorite mountain hut in Japetić.


Modern city

Today's Jastrebarsko is a modern village, lit by ecological lighting, equipped with numerous shops and restaurants, with picturesque cafes, a popular central square, "Štros" and a beautiful English park near Erdödy Castle, with Health Center, pharmacies and banks, cinema, theater, local radio station and television, with secondary and elementary schools, gyms, sports center, numerous playgrounds and sports clubs, forestry institute, agricultural and veterinary station. Jastrebarsko is a judicial, administrative, religious, cultural and sports center not only of the City of Jastrebarsko but also of the entire Jastrebarsko region (formerly Jastrebarsko municipality), which also includes the municipalities of Pisarovina, Klinča Sela, Krašić and Žumberak.


Beauty of Crna Mlaka

Near Jastrebarsko, on the left side of Zagreb-Karlovac road, there is an atractive picnic area, Ornithological reserve Crna Mlaka. With 235 registered bird species on 750 hectares of water and huge forest potential, it's a real heaven for birds and fishes. 


The reputation of Jastrebarsko's winemaking

On the right-hand side of the Zagreb-Karlovac road stretches the hill-side, under-mountainous part of our town, the hills covered with famous vineyards, orchards and groves. The noble, old settlements take pride in the cultural tradition and the distinctive whiteness of the beautiful folk costumes, and above all the fine wines from the cellars of large and small producers. In the unique, most beautiful corner of "BEAUTIFUL CROATIA", where the girls walk "canoe white villas", in amphitheaters of fertile land, protected from the northern winds, exposed to plenty of heat and light, the vineyards extend from Okić, Mladina and Plesivica, across St. Jane and Slavetic to Krašić, Pribić and Prekrižje. On the basis of centuries of effort and craftsmanship from farmers, purgers and counts, to top winemakers, the "Friends of Good Wine Club", "Wine Route" and young enologists, the reputation of Jasak winemaking has been built. 


Perfect combination of rural and urban

Jastrebarsko, thankfully saved from violent industrialization and without tall chimneys, with all its urban and rural traditions and untouched nature, is definitely one of the greatest gems in the crown of free, democratic and independent Croatia. 

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